Aldrin(previously CCAI): The fastest CEX and DEX built on serum with Solana tech.

In recent times of World disruptive tech, Solana blockchain has been spotted as an advanced blockchain with its swift and cheaper means of processing transactions.

Many projects seem to adopt the abilities of this blockchain and tend to build on it, though none like which covers the world financial use cases at a simple, faster and cheaper glimpse.

THE ULTIMATE BREAKTHROUGH IN SWIFT TRADING, built on Solana getting rid of high fees and stand to be the fastest exchange in the market has cured a lot of draw backs with its advanced hybrid platform of Decentralized exchange (DEX) and Centralized exchange (CEX). Aldrin features on introducing introducing an easy decentralized way of trading with its unique analytic tools, charts, graph and market data covering average daily trading volume and market caps.

Another unique Milestone, is the automated trading view alerts to help users automate trading decisions, when their determined price range is reached. Indeed, is a world tech disrupt.

Aldrin, tends to cover all types trader or investor, from the centralized side with the spot and futures trading across numerous assets. No doubt, its built to always make trading better via its advanced breakthrough features: trading view alert integrations, Smart trading with advanced trading options which enable users to create multiple buy and sell orders, place stop loss and take profits orders all in a single transaction.

We can all see how Aldrin enables users perfect their trading strategies in all aspects. as the name implies seems not to be done, with the launch of its own native web browser wallet which is accessible through different web browsers, supporting a wide variety of assets and also offering users the opportunity to interact and store various cryptocurrencies online, all while controlling their private keys.

With the recent hacks on centralized exchanges, having control of your private keys via a decentralized browser wallet is a breakthrough in security precaution of protecting all your assets.

ALDRIN astonishing goal has always been serving the whole of the cryptocurrency market in a single platform, with its notable liquidity partner; Binance which leads as the top centralized market exchange. Surely the intention is almost achieved.

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